February 18

Youth Choir Schedule


Youth Choir at Our Lady of the Valley is planning to meet from 6 to 8 pm on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, generally speaking.  Here's what that looks like from here through the Easter season! 

February 2021

2/11/21 - Rehearsal

2/25/21 - Rehearsal

March 2021

3/11/21 - Rehearsal

3/14/21 - 11:15 Mass

3/25/21 - Rehearsal

3/29/21 - 11:15 Mass for Palm Sunday

April 2021

4/4/21- 11:15 Mass for Easter Sunday

4/22/21 - Rehearsal

May 2021

5/13/21 - Rehearsal

5/27/21 - Rehearsal

5/30/21 - 11:15 Mass

You might notice that this isn't a large number of rehearsals, and you'd be right!  It's hard to make solid progress meeting sparsely like this, so keep an eye out for some great online tools we'll be using to work on our music in between practices.   First tool - LISTEN to the music between rehearsals.  I'll share it all below. ♥

MARCH Music!

Please take a little time to listen to the music between rehearsals.  It is much easier to sing a hymn you've heard!

4th Sunday of Lent:

Palm Sunday: 

The Palm Sunday Procession isn't available as a video.  So here's a short audio to give you an idea.  The choir and congregation will be singing the "Hosanna" part, repeating, while the Cantor sings the verses over top.

EASTER Sunday!

We are still finalizing the music for this Mass.  So keep a watch!  ♥

Interested in joining the OLV Youth Choir? 

We'd LOVE to have you! Please email our director, Sandra Modersohn, at OLVCCMusic@gmail.com. 


2021 Schedule, Youth Choir

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