February 22

What’s a Pew Choir?


Have you heard the news that OLV is forming a "Pew Choir"?  You might be wondering what that even is!  So here's a quick run-down of what we're talking about.

WHO is the Pew Choir for?

Everyone!  Parishioners of ALL AGES are welcome to take part.

WHAT IS the Pew Choir?

The Pew Choir is made up of parishioners who are attending Mass who sing with confidence, right from their pew, as we praise our Lord during Mass!  No robes to wear, no special rehearsals, just singing praise with joy and confidence. 

WHERE does the Pew Choir meet?

Optional rehearsals are held right in the Sanctuary shortly before the 5 pm Mass on Saturdays.  

WHEN does the Pew Choir meet?

From 4:20 to 4:40 pm on Saturdays, we will go over the music that we will sing that weekend and sometimes, if there's extra time, we'll go over music that's coming up in the weeks ahead.  

WHY do we have a Pew Choir?

We have a few goals to keep in mind when we sing during Mass.  Everything we do should be pointing hearts towards Jesus. And everything we do should be encouraging the full and active participation of the whole congregation.  Our efforts within our Pew Choir program are designed to make it easier for you to participate.  An added bonus is that when we have more people in the pews singing with confidence, others who aren't involved in the Pew Choir will naturally join in, too!  What a service you can help provide to others.  

HOW do people join in the Pew Choir?

The only requirement is that you sing during Mass!  🙂  It helps to make some effort to know the music in advance.  To do that, you can take a look at your convenience at our "What We're Singing" page.  There, you'll find links to the hymns that are coming up and you can listen to them to familiarize yourself in advance.  And if you have the time to, you can come to the Sanctuary at 4:20 pm on Saturdays and join in as we lead you through the music in person. You do NOT have to sign up or commit to coming every Saturday.  Just come when you can, or listen to the music at home when you can.  If you are doing some small thing to become familiar with the music and you are singing out from your pew at Mass (any Mass!  It doesn't have to be the 5pm!) then you are part of the Pew Choir! 

Are you taking part?

I'd love to know who's taking part in this opportunity!  Please, leave a comment below so I can say a prayer of gratitude! 


Pew Choir, Sing With Confidence

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