April 7

Three Days


Three days.

Can you imagine?  

For three days after the most heartbreaking day the world had ever experienced, no one knew or understood what would happen next.  Jesus had told them, but they didn't understand.  How could they?  I think that if I had been in their shoes, I would have been thrown into the deepest despair. 

Today, we are fortunate to know that He is risen! We go through lent, penitential, knowing that we're leading up to the Holy Triduum, a long liturgy that takes us into that despair and ends with rejoicing at the Easter Vigil Mass. We experience a rollercoaster of emotions, but we have the benefit of KNOWING that Easter is coming.  Praise God, for we are an Easter people, and hallelujah is our song!

This hymn I'm sharing here is one that we're doing on the 2nd Sunday of Easter to remind us of the joy of the resurrection that is made all the sweeter by the despair of those three days preceding it. I hope you enjoy it!  



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