September 27

Our Music Program Is Growing!


The music program at OLV is growing and there's plenty of opportunity for YOU to join in! 

Don't sing?  Don't play an instrument? Don't worry! There's room for all of you! 

NEW: Grace Notes

Our new program, Grace Notes, is for young Catholics aged 5-11.  They'll learn through songs and games, they'll play a variety of instruments, including hand bells, and they'll get to know and love beautiful Catholic hymns and chants.   See our schedule and register here. 

NEW: Men's Schola

Calling all men of OLV:  The music of the Catholic Church NEEDS YOU!  Come sing praise to the Lord as we learn to chant the propers and Mass parts.  The Men's Schola will perform at Mass once per month and rehearsals are on the first Tuesday of every month.  Learn more and register here.

Women's Choir

Calling all women of OLV:  The Women's Choir is eager for new members to come and sing with us!  ALL voice ranges are welcome! (I hear ALL the time from women who think their voice is too low to sing in the choir - this is NONSENSE! You have NO IDEA what beautiful richness your voice will lend!) The women's choir generally meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month and aims to perform once per month at Mass, although right now we're just focusing on Christmas. OPEN HOUSE on October 13th from 6-8 pm.  Learn more and register here.

TWO Handbell Choirs!

EVERYONE is welcome to come and learn to RING!  NO musical experience necessary.  You don't need to even know anything about reading music.  We will teach you everything you need to know!  We have a group that meets in the evenings on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 6-8 pm.  This has typically been our youth handbells, but it's open to anyone.  Our other group meets every Wednesday from 10 am to 12 pm except on 3rd Wednesdays... when we meet after the Ladies Council is finished.  🙂   That group typically has been our adult group, but ALL are welcome.  It is REALLY fun to ring together as a family!  We are hosting a Handbell Open House on Thursday October 27th from 6-8 pm for BOTH GROUPS.   Learn more and register here.

Cantors, Keyboardists, Instrumentalists, oh my!

If you are interested in occasionally singing the Mass as a cantor, or playing the piano or organ for Mass, or if you play another instrument and would like to accompany once in a while (string instruments are always welcome... Woodwinds and brass can join in at Christmas and Easter!) PLEASE know that there is always plenty of room for you!  (I know... It's a tiny church and the musicians kinda crowd things already... but REALLY we will make room for you to use your talent to praise the Lord!)  Just tell Sandra after Mass, or email her at and she'll make sure you get any training you might need to be successful!

Helpers & support

If you are certain you don't want to sing or play any instruments but you'd like to find other ways to be a part of and support the music ministry, Sandra would LOVE to chat with you about some of the administrative things that need attention, like updating this website regularly, or sending out email reminders about rehearsals, or fundraising etc.  There are LOTS of ways you can help!  Chat with her after Mass or email her at


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