Men’s Schola

Current & Future Plans/Music

A Blessed LENT to you all! 

NEXT REHEARSALS: TUESDAY February 28th at 7 pm. 

NEXT PERFORMANCE: March 5th  @ 11:15am

This month, we will be performing at the 11:15 Mass on March 5th, the Second Sunday of Lent, which is also Sunday Social day, so there will be coffee and treats.   🙂 

MUSIC for March: 

  • Our Mass Setting is the LATIN CHANT MASS
  • Entrance Hymn: Be Thou My Vision
  • Preparation of the Gifts:  Christ Be Beside Me
  • Communion Hymn:  Come Christ's Beloved
  • Recessional Hymn:  At The Cross Her Station Keeping

Rehearsal videos are below.   

Introit & Communion Chant
for March 5th

You can get a copy of the Simple English Propers book from Amazon, which seems ot have the best price right now.  (The publisher has it on backorder... Amazon has it in stock) 

It is NOT a requirement to buy this book!  It's just handy to have and might be nicer to hold.  I will print whatever music you need including the propers. 

ENTRANCE: Be Thou My Vision

Here is the full version.  Scroll down for JUST the bass part.  🙂 

Here is just the bass part.   🙂  


Here is the melody.  Scroll down for JUST the bass part.  🙂  (sorry this top video doesn't show all the parts together.  It's just melody... But you can learn the bass part in the 2nd video... then come back to this one and try singing the bass part along with his melody!)

Here is just the bass part.   🙂  

GIFTS: Christ Be Beside Me

Here is just the bass part.   🙂  

COMMUNION: Come Christ's Beloved

RECESSIONAL: At The Cross Her Station Keeping

Mass Setting for MARCH 5th

We are using the LATIN CHANT MASS





When We Eat This Bread:

Agnus Dei:


Below is a link to a beautiful Ave Verum that we plan to do along with the womens choir for Corpus Christi.  It would be great if you could spend a little time with this - at the link below, you'll find parts played prominently so you can actually learn your parts entirely from the recordings.  The music is there too, and I handed that out to you at the last rehearsal we had.  I'll have more copies with me if you misplaced yours.  🙂  YOU CAN CHOOSE which part you'd like to sing - Bass or Tenor.  And just spend some time working with the recordings to get comfortable with your parts.  


The goal of our Men's Schola is to praise the Lord through music and help preserve the music of the Catholic Church, which is chant. 

We will begin our group by learning to chant the propers (the introit, offertory, and communion chants) and the Mass parts (there are a few settings we can learn). 

We will also explore, as we progress, beautiful Catholic hymnody.  

Ideally, our Men's Schola will sing at Mass once per month. 

We will be rehearsing at 7 pm on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month with additional rehearsals added in if members would like that.  We will also meet prior to any Mass we are singing to run through the music.