Men’s Schola

Current & Future Plans/Music

OUR NEXT Mass will be on NOVEMBER 6th (32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time)  at the 11:15 am Mass.  The men will be singing the Introit and Communion Chants.  We will also have the men lead the Mass parts and sing the offertory hymn (It Is Well With My Soul). 

Since this is our first Mass with the Men's Schola leading, we will stay with the same Mass setting we've been using for all of ordinary time. However, during our rehearsals, we will begin learning other Mass Settings for use during Advent and Christmas.  🙂 

Our current plan is to have the Men's Schola sing the first Sunday of each month.

BELOW are some handy practice videos you can use to listen and sing along with between rehearsals.  

Introit & Communion Chant for Nov 6th

You can get a copy of the Simple English Propers book from Amazon, which seems ot have the best price right now.  (The publisher has it on backorder... Amazon has it in stock) 

It is NOT a requirement to buy this book!  It's just handy to have and might be nicer to hold.  I will print whatever music you need including the propers. 

It Is Well With My Soul

And as a bonus... I want you to CLICK HERE and watch this beautiful video about the origins of this hymn.  

Mass Setting for Nov 6th

We are currently using The Heritage Mass.  You all know it if you've been singing along at Mass. Most of the Mass parts only require the leader to sing the first phrase with confidence and the congregation joins in and takes over.  Some require a little back-and-forth.  Like the Kyrie.  🙂  We will go over all of that at our rehearsal. 


We will be using Missa Di Angelis for the Christmas Season!  It's so beautiful.  People who attend the Latin Mass are familiar with it, but the rest of us haven't been exposed to it in decades.  So we're going to change that this year at OLV!  Beautiful, holy, and full of our Catholic heritage!




Agnus Dei


The goal of our Men's Schola is to praise the Lord through music and help preserve the music of the Catholic Church, which is chant. 

We will begin our group by learning to chant the propers (the introit, offertory, and communion chants) and the Mass parts (there are a few settings we can learn). 

We will also explore, as we progress, beautiful Catholic hymnody.  

Ideally, our Men's Schola will sing at Mass once per month. 

We will be rehearsing at 7 pm on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month with additional rehearsals added in if members would like that.  We will also meet prior to any Mass we are singing to run through the music.