February 22

Communion Hymns That Celebrate the Real Presence of Christ


According to Pew Research, roughly 2/3 of U.S. Catholics do NOT believe in transubstantiation. This great gift of the Catholic Church is overlooked or believed to be symbolic.  How sad that so many don't know the double miracle that occurs during Consecration - That not only does the bread and wine actually become the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ, but by His grace and love for us it remains under the appearance of bread and wine so that we may freely consume Him!

In an effort to reinforce this beautiful teaching of our Catholic faith, I am compiling a listing here of Eucharistic hymns that speak boldly about the real presence of Christ.  Some of these may be used in our weekly liturgies and some may not be suitable for use within our celebrations, but all speak to the truth of the Eucharistic Miracle that happens every day, from the rising of the sun to its setting, all around the world.

PLEASE feel free to HELP this effort by adding your suggestions in the comments!  This list will be updated regularly. 


Come, Christ's Beloved

This beautiful hymn combines stunning harmonies with lyrics like "Come, Christ's Beloved, feed on Christ's true flesh! Drink your redemption in his precious blood!"  It's lovely, reverent, and makes for a truly holy experience.


This Is Jesus

Truly, This Is Jesus!  Not a symbol, not an allegory, not a representation. 


Bread of Angels

This modern hymn neatly incorporates Panis Angelicus!  It's a beautifully singable melody that our parish has come to love.  And it sounds pretty amazing when you have a cello to play the bass notes along with you! 


I Received the Living God

Just look at this first verse:  "Jesus said: I am the bread which I give
to feed your soul; he who eats of this my flesh, will attain the heavenly goal."  

And it only gets better after that.  


I Am the Bread of Life

No symbols here!  Just strong, hard truth that leads your soul to heaven!


O Lord With Wondrous Mystery

Beautiful with instruments or a cappella! 


Take and Eat

Not only does this hymn do a beautiful job in the lyrics of speaking of the Real Presence, that key change between the refrain and the verse is just fantastic!  


From The Wounds Of Christ

In this video below, the performers are singing the verses designed for Good Friday.  However, there are other lyrics aimed at communion and they are fabulous.  A hauntingly contemplative melody pared with rich harmonies and instrumentation, we're excited to add this hymn to our repertoire. 

Communion Lyrics: 

1. Mem’ry holds that meal of love; Jesus gathered with friends, sharing bread and wine; a new covenant was given, before he died.

2. God revealed in simple food; See the crucified one, see the humble Christ, present now as bread and wine, that you may live.

3. Come be fed, come forth in awe. Here the Body and Blood of our saving Lord makes us one with Jesus broken, and one with all.


Communion, Real Presence

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